Sunday, February 28, 2010

Give me a break.

07:17 pm, i was supposed to dine together with my family but i decided to give it a miss.
Not feeling good. Not alright.
I find myself having probs. to socialise, esp with my church friends. Well. The prob lies with me. Im just a big prob to crack. I was trying to mix but i really got so sick, sick of being so unnatural. So,i guess i will just quit. I... Will let myself rest.
It has been 5 years, but i just cant blend with my churchmates. Frm the 1st time i got into the church, till this moment. Im just too cold. But why is that? I can get along well with my schoolmates and friends frm the other places,beside church,but..
Gosh... Give me a break.

You see, my churchmates are going to ocarina but.. I decided not to join them. And now, im ktv-ing with my other friends to celebrate Ango's birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY,dude! Stay fab! Seng ni tua thang!
See?I can get along well with them,i feel comfortable with them..
God, i pray that this feeling will rest inside me...
Sorry for being so cold, i get tired of this.

Im not perfect,in fact im really so worst when it comes to socialising.
I keep thinking, what seems to be the prob?
Who can tell me? I'll be really grateful.

My bad.bye.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I wonder how im gonna sleep tonight with these sniffing and pains.

It's holiday tomorrow,i plan to have a girls' hangouts with them,but..this cold simply puts me off. Going around and keep on sniffing? That's gonna be so disturbing. But..?
Let's see then.

I miss eating es gunung from the stall that i used to frequent. It's been so long.

Simply love this month with a list of holidays.
What to say?
Hm.well. Im doing quite great recently.but, i had a big fight with my brotha a couple days ago. I got into a rage and scolded him for not going back home right after school.and... Sigh.
End this soon...

In the process of turning over a new leaf..i mean.. Changing myself into a better me.
Gonna live without ego and accept a person the way he/she is. And...

Haha... Not gonna let it out here. Just wait and see!
Thats all.

I wonder how im gonna sleep tonight with these sniffing and pains.

It's holiday tomorrow,i plan to have a girls' hangouts with them,but..this cold simply puts me off. Going around and keep on sniffing? That's gonna be so disturbing. But..?
Let's see then.

I miss eating es gunung from the stall that i used to frequent. It's been so long.

Simply love this month with a list of holidays.
What to say?
Hm.well. Im doing quite great recently.but, i had a big fight with my brotha a couple days ago. I got into a rage and scolded him for not going back home right after school.and... Sigh.
End this soon...

In the process of turning over a new leaf..i mean.. Changing myself into a better me.
Gonna live without ego and accept a person the way he/she is. And...

Haha... Not gonna let it out here. Just wait and see!
Thats all.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Till the end! Yes, I Do!

I'm really happy today!can't be more happier than this. Still rmmber that i've ever mntioned bout a song that i loved so much yet i didnt know what's the title?yes. Gotcha.
I heard this song again for the 2nd time,it was played in the inet-cafe that i frequent. When i heard this song again, i just popped up and asked the guy who's the inet-cafe keeper,what's the title of that song. And finally.. I got it.
The song's title is TILL THE END and it's sung by David Tan. Nvr heard this name bfore,but i wanna give my best thanks to him for this great song. I simply love it so much.
Every single words in the lyrics. I suppose that i'll be the happiest girl on earth if a guy sings this song to me..any volunteer?*,*

This song is bout a guy's love expression to his beloved girl*every love song is also like that? But this one is so EXTRAORDINARY! Highly recommended! Guys,i bet that girls will surely fall for you if you sing this song to them.

Oh. Im so into this song.
It's like i wanna shout out : I DO! untill the very end.

You are my life,my soul,my girl!

Thanks for making me so happy. My day's simply so beautiful with this song:D


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tell you this...

Well,i had a tiring yet great day today.
Homed at 9:50pm.

I met a lot of new friends today.
And there's a guy who left a deep impression on my mind. He is such a good joke cracker. Gosh..he kept on bickering with joen and they were such a good entertainment.

Today's activities:
went to My mie for lunch then off to BCS to meet jane,justi and tandrian.
This was what happened.
We met Robin at the studio,he gave out his hand to shake mine but..i ruthlessly rejected him and acted like i didnt know him. *my bad. But..
It's your fault this time for recalling that stupid 2.30.
It really pissed me off. Can't you just forgive and forget that once-in-a-life mistake of mine?
Then i met him again in the billiard centre,of course,we didnt bother to say Hi to each other. around 7pm,joen and i with the other 3 guys went to Harbour bay for a feast to clebrate Joen's belated birthday.
Wow. Her bf gave her a surprise and brought her a cake. *envy.
Hihi..nice one,dudey. You've made her so happy.

Then..homed. starts tomorrow but im gonna skip it.
Gotta have my project done bfore friday.

That's a wrap. Sweetnight,pals.

Oops.. I've got a big secret to keep. Gonna zip up my mouth for quite a time:)


It's 00:19 am in the morning of 17th Feb.
It's Dwiki's 17th birthday.
Tonnes of best wishes for ya,mate!
Pray that you'll meet your true love soon,sweet dudey!
Hm.i must say that he's such a sweet guy,wholehearted-24/7 ultimate lover. He's such a good catch but was always so unlucky to end up with to say? Bad girls?

A seventeen young music lover,good in all sports,quite good looking. Now in town! Single and available!

K.back here.
So,i was in BCS all day since 1pm.
Went for a date with Adeline. Lol.note:im not a lesbian
She bought many gifts for her bf. What a sweet girl!
Then we went for a movie,Percy Jackson, together with Joen and her bf.

Hm..quite a tiring day. Lina went back to SG this noon. Im gonna miss you much,sweetheart. Hugs!goodluck for your O-level!
And Adeline is going bck to Jambi tomorrow. Gosh..gonna miss ya too.

It's raining outside.
I've been sleeping late lately since my 'alarm' is not on duty.

Random post.
I dreamt many bizarre things last night. One thing that i rmmbr is, i dreamt slapping my mum right on her face.what a dream!
Talking about dream,have you ever heard that you'll eventually dream bout the one whom you miss the most?is that true?
What comes into your mind if a person somehow tells you that he misses you a lot for no reason?
Will you get touched? I mean,these 3 words seem meaningless when it come out from the mouth of a flirter,but what if ...?

Enough of that. Gonna hit the bed soon.
Oops,tell you what,i met AARON ANG today. The nerdiest,geekiest guy ever! So damn scared off by this geek.osh!


Monday, February 15, 2010


Wowowow... Had a great day today.

I spent the whole noon in my grandma's house,waiting for guests to come..
Well,i got a lot of angpaos. Lol*happy.

At around 6pm, i went out with Joen and her boyfie and her boyfie's friend. So sad but true. I'd decided to stay at home this vday,but she dragged me out. The worst thing was, she's supposed to have a date with her boy, why did she drag me along? Sigh.
Luckily,i didnt end up to be a lamp-post there,since another guy was there. But still,didnt have much talk with that guy. That guy was quite pathetic as well. His gf couldnt celbrate this year's vday with him,so he had to spend this vday alone. Lol.
That guy even asked me if i got a bf then i asked him back:"what do you think?"..well,he thought that maybe i'd got one. I was like thnking, i wouldnt be here with you guys if i weren't single. Lol...anw, i have my own part of vday eventhough im single. Chocolates will do. I always buy myself a big bar of chocolate to clebrate every vday. This year is nt an exception. In fact,i got two without forking out a single penny. Joen kindly bought it for me.


A shocking news. A friend of mine called me just a few mins ago and told me that her bf kissed her. And that was her first kiss. Lol.
Well. Just.. Ya..Happy for her. Then, i was like so stupid and asked her:"how was it?"..
She described it with one word: soft.
I was like:"..."
Hellwiththatanswer. It's pointless to tell me anyway.i never come to undrstand what you guys feel. Haha...
Many of my friends love to share with me bout their 1st kiss experience. Of course, Im always open to give my ears to their stories.but..for,,
I still prefer to be more conservative. I've promised myself to keep this very first kiss well. I dont care what other ppl say bout me, i just wanna keep the best for my future husband.
Eventhough it's already 2010, kissing is still a very sacred thing for me.
You dont need to show affection with intimate actions,do you?
I mean, you nver know guys.
For girls who still have your first kiss with you, it's better to keep it well. Hell with those fawking comments saying that you're so left out or whatever is that. Bear this in your mind: keep the best for your one and only.

That's a wrap for today. Night night.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the air.

01:35am. Another random post. Another disturbing insomnia. Im feeling so tired,yet i cant fall asleep.*hellwithit!

It's 14thFEB,pals.
And the whole world is celebrating this joyous day with fireworks. Can't believe that it's another valentine .it's been so long.
Im someone who doesnt really look forward to the coming of this day,i feel that it's just an ordinary day. I mean it.well,maybe it's bcos i dont get roses nor chocolates like others do,so im nt really into this day.
I share my loves with my fams and friend,not only on this day but EVERYDAY. So,i dont really need a 14thfeb to be loving.:)

Since it's Valentine's day, so let's talk about love. Keep your eyes open and carry on reading,pals! Some love secrets are going to leak out...

I'm ...not in love. It's been so long. I'm more into admiration than love. Sigh..
Perhaps it aint the right time yet. It'd be terrible if im falling into this game as when im in, im all the way for it.
In my whole lifetime,i've never made any love confession,nt even once,to anyone. Yes,you're such a pride-holder girl. I was impressed by girls who go all the way for their love without thinking much bout stupid things like pride. To put it nicely, they're brave. But in contrast, some of em were just too impulsive,hm..agressive?

But me?im one who cares so much bout pride,who'd rather wait for a lifetime for that guy rather than voicing out my confession. Call me stupid,dummy. Whatsoever.
I always believe that when a girl makes her confession to a guy, 7 out of 10 guys will say yes evnthough they dont love that girl. So sad but true. I dont want to end up with any of those 7.
And, i keep on telling myself, love is smtg that wont leave you if it's meant to be yours. Thats what we call FATE. Faith to believe in fate that will bring me to a faithful guy. A big grin.
I've been asking Lord Jesus, what type of guy will You send me? Im so curious bout it.
I future husband?1 thing for sure,he has to love my God bfore he loves me.
Every girl desires for a good man,so do i.

I rmember the most awkward confession was made to me when i was in primary 6. I was like so innocently got scared away and we didnt have any talk for 1 year long. He called me and i even had to ask my brother to pick up the call.
Guess what, he's one of my classmates. I guess he will read this part and awfully rmember those times. Haha. What a sweet and awkward experience with you,pal!

The most annoying one was frm a guy named Dickson. He pestered me for 8 months bfore he gave up. Gosh. What a man. He's such a flirter,good at sweetnothings and i was so damn pissed off.

The most unpredictable one was made by a friend of mine too. I rmember i was in sec 2.that guy told me that he had liked me since we were in primary 5?or 6?yey.he is a very shy guy. Hopefully he wont be reading this. Any, we are still friends till this very moment.

Well,although im nt in love,but my friends are.
3 out of 12 are in it. Just read my friend's blog.can't believe what ive just read, she's in love. Congrats,sweetpie!

Love's in the air.
Who's in love?raise your hands and tell me! Haha...

Gotta hit my pillow right away. Have a lovely day,lovers.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miss you guys like no words can say.

@,@ im feeling so random now. Bored to death.
It's the cny's eve and i have had my reunion dinner (in chinese,we know it as Tuan Yuan Fan) and i've got 2 angpaos in my pocket. Haha..
Even my single-uncle gave me one just now. ??? I thought that a person who hasnt married yet is not allowed to give out angpaos? Lol. Thanks anyway. I guess he has too much money to spend since he's still single. A 30++ bachelor!

Well.ytday i had a really fun day. My besties came back. Adeline and Joen. They're back. Miss them so much. Had a fun day with them. They've lost much weights.*wondering when it's gonna be my turn.

Adrian and Lina have come back too. Lina called me this noon and i was like so happy to hear her voice. Miss you so,sweetheart. Can't wait to meet ya soon.

Btw,i met a long time friend ytday. Guess who? It's Deta. He's with his gf.
It's been so long,but i couldnt go over and say Hi as i was in hurry.

Yesterday was such a day. Met so many old pals.
And,it was also my bday,i mean reborn day in Christ. Time passed . 4 years ago, i was baptised and officially had Him in my life. My love has never lessened,God.'s The LNY tomorrow and Vday,too. Such a coincidental day on this 2010.

#now playing:Leona Lewis-Better in Time.

Thats all for today.
Have a prosperous new year and a memorable valentine with your loved ones.

Monday, February 8, 2010

another fantastic weekends...!

so,my classmates and I went to BCS last Sat to do a survey for our B.Indonesia's project...
we went around asking for people...
it was quite fun i must say..

these are some pics taken...

our leftovers

it's me !
what?justi's "cutting" dwiki's neck. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!
me and Jane
psychopath in action. in the pic: JUSTI
Dwiki got drunk after drinking the "TOBACCO"
Jane?Her eyes are really big lo!
it's me! i ate a lot...hahahha!
from left to right:Jane,Dwiki and Justi
i was inside.but sorta blur."see that kid behind us??"
4 in 5? what's wrong with Dwiki?

Tandrian and Dwiki placed a wager. The winner got Rp.10.000!
and the winner was............of course DWIKI!
Tandrian was like got so "furious" when she lost.
our Ice-cream.
i forgot the name...
but it tasted really NICE!
(guess whose finger was that?)

Justi's Tomato Spaghetti?"it smelt good."

Tandrian posing with the mannequin in front of Felic.
He,oops..i mean she looked cool,didn't she?

and on Sunday, it's Santo advanced-birthday's celebration...
we had a big meal in Seoul Garden.
it's a All-U-Can-Eat restaurant.

the octopus
it tasted...gross!

these were what i took for my "first round".
after that,i was like going back and forth to take moreeeeeeeee,,,,

Thursday, February 4, 2010


08: 51pm
Am currently listening to #Closer-Ne Yo.

It has been a busy weekend. Tests and works everyday...
But why do i still have the times to post here,huh?
Cos this blog is like a special reminder of mine. I post things bout life and my to-do lists. Im sorta suffering from short term memory syndrome.*not sure if thats how it's named.

So...2 birthday party in queue.
One will be held in Planet Holiday and the other one wilk be held in Seoul Garden. Well,im going to suffer a big economy crisis in no time.
And...needless to say,i reckon that i'll be putting on weights. CNY is round the corner, i hv to cntrol myself since i hv made quite an improvement.

And this Saturday,i'll hv to help mumsy with the house cleaning to welcome the CNY.
In the noon,my classmates and i will hv another happy hangout. Location: BCS mall. We r going to do a survey there and submit a report for that.

Another prob is, i agreed to dine out with my churchmates on this 11th,yet i heard that the Valentine's Day clebration at school is also on the same day. So...tell me how? It's like very 'don't give face' if i miss this year's party again. I gave it a miss last year cos i had a church camp. And this year?

Justi was right bout me, a person like me wont lose weights easily. Foods seem to be calling out my name:"Jessy,Jessy! Come and eat me!" going to prove you wrong no matter what.
I've made my mind up and im going to prove it. I CMH!

Make this week end faster. Im longing for a break.

#now playing-Nothing's gonna change my love for you-Khalil Fong.

Got to go. Ive to tidy up my incredibly messy room.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twee twee Thursday.

We had a long talk about our future!
Some were quite sure,other were still having a bit of hesitations.
From Medical,Engineering to Art,Financial,Physcology,Environmental study and Accountancy.Needless to say,the last one is MINE. The worst thing is that i'll be taking it nowhere but THE 'BEST' UNIVERSITY in TOWN,UIB.It's rated as the best in Batam but people out of here are like don't even give a shit to it.
Hard to accept it but i'm learning to take things in stride since mum won't let me get nowhere.
But,come to think of it,things may nt necessarily be that bad. I'll be taking a major that i like and i wont really hv to worry bout my job. Job offer is right in front of me even before i graduate.
Sunshine after the rain.
Im quite prepared bout it as im so into Math!
Im fully awake only during Math's classes.

2 more weeks to CNY! Claps.

Thats a wrap for today,chaps.
Have a dreamy night.hugs...
Will tell you guys things bout my lil brother tmrw.stay tuned.