Monday, February 15, 2010


Wowowow... Had a great day today.

I spent the whole noon in my grandma's house,waiting for guests to come..
Well,i got a lot of angpaos. Lol*happy.

At around 6pm, i went out with Joen and her boyfie and her boyfie's friend. So sad but true. I'd decided to stay at home this vday,but she dragged me out. The worst thing was, she's supposed to have a date with her boy, why did she drag me along? Sigh.
Luckily,i didnt end up to be a lamp-post there,since another guy was there. But still,didnt have much talk with that guy. That guy was quite pathetic as well. His gf couldnt celbrate this year's vday with him,so he had to spend this vday alone. Lol.
That guy even asked me if i got a bf then i asked him back:"what do you think?"..well,he thought that maybe i'd got one. I was like thnking, i wouldnt be here with you guys if i weren't single. Lol...anw, i have my own part of vday eventhough im single. Chocolates will do. I always buy myself a big bar of chocolate to clebrate every vday. This year is nt an exception. In fact,i got two without forking out a single penny. Joen kindly bought it for me.


A shocking news. A friend of mine called me just a few mins ago and told me that her bf kissed her. And that was her first kiss. Lol.
Well. Just.. Ya..Happy for her. Then, i was like so stupid and asked her:"how was it?"..
She described it with one word: soft.
I was like:"..."
Hellwiththatanswer. It's pointless to tell me anyway.i never come to undrstand what you guys feel. Haha...
Many of my friends love to share with me bout their 1st kiss experience. Of course, Im always open to give my ears to their stories.but..for,,
I still prefer to be more conservative. I've promised myself to keep this very first kiss well. I dont care what other ppl say bout me, i just wanna keep the best for my future husband.
Eventhough it's already 2010, kissing is still a very sacred thing for me.
You dont need to show affection with intimate actions,do you?
I mean, you nver know guys.
For girls who still have your first kiss with you, it's better to keep it well. Hell with those fawking comments saying that you're so left out or whatever is that. Bear this in your mind: keep the best for your one and only.

That's a wrap for today. Night night.


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