Monday, February 8, 2010

another fantastic weekends...!

so,my classmates and I went to BCS last Sat to do a survey for our B.Indonesia's project...
we went around asking for people...
it was quite fun i must say..

these are some pics taken...

our leftovers

it's me !
what?justi's "cutting" dwiki's neck. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!
me and Jane
psychopath in action. in the pic: JUSTI
Dwiki got drunk after drinking the "TOBACCO"
Jane?Her eyes are really big lo!
it's me! i ate a lot...hahahha!
from left to right:Jane,Dwiki and Justi
i was inside.but sorta blur."see that kid behind us??"
4 in 5? what's wrong with Dwiki?

Tandrian and Dwiki placed a wager. The winner got Rp.10.000!
and the winner was............of course DWIKI!
Tandrian was like got so "furious" when she lost.
our Ice-cream.
i forgot the name...
but it tasted really NICE!
(guess whose finger was that?)

Justi's Tomato Spaghetti?"it smelt good."

Tandrian posing with the mannequin in front of Felic.
He,oops..i mean she looked cool,didn't she?

and on Sunday, it's Santo advanced-birthday's celebration...
we had a big meal in Seoul Garden.
it's a All-U-Can-Eat restaurant.

the octopus
it tasted...gross!

these were what i took for my "first round".
after that,i was like going back and forth to take moreeeeeeeee,,,,


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