Thursday, February 4, 2010


08: 51pm
Am currently listening to #Closer-Ne Yo.

It has been a busy weekend. Tests and works everyday...
But why do i still have the times to post here,huh?
Cos this blog is like a special reminder of mine. I post things bout life and my to-do lists. Im sorta suffering from short term memory syndrome.*not sure if thats how it's named.

So...2 birthday party in queue.
One will be held in Planet Holiday and the other one wilk be held in Seoul Garden. Well,im going to suffer a big economy crisis in no time.
And...needless to say,i reckon that i'll be putting on weights. CNY is round the corner, i hv to cntrol myself since i hv made quite an improvement.

And this Saturday,i'll hv to help mumsy with the house cleaning to welcome the CNY.
In the noon,my classmates and i will hv another happy hangout. Location: BCS mall. We r going to do a survey there and submit a report for that.

Another prob is, i agreed to dine out with my churchmates on this 11th,yet i heard that the Valentine's Day clebration at school is also on the same day. So...tell me how? It's like very 'don't give face' if i miss this year's party again. I gave it a miss last year cos i had a church camp. And this year?

Justi was right bout me, a person like me wont lose weights easily. Foods seem to be calling out my name:"Jessy,Jessy! Come and eat me!" going to prove you wrong no matter what.
I've made my mind up and im going to prove it. I CMH!

Make this week end faster. Im longing for a break.

#now playing-Nothing's gonna change my love for you-Khalil Fong.

Got to go. Ive to tidy up my incredibly messy room.


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