Monday, November 22, 2010


so random.
sitting alone @CoffeeTown after a long day.
done my speech a few hours ago.
it was like, kinda embarassing.
i opened the speech with a...SONG!
just a small part of it...
"save the world,make it a better place, for you and for me to live in...."
i'm never good at this.
i almost wrecked everything.
it must be such a joke for everyone.
but well, i did my best to persuade people to GO GREEN!
eventhough it was kinda unexpected, but still, overall, i'm satisfied and proud of myself.
at least, i didn't show them that i was nervous.

and i'll be debating on Wednesday.
not really confident about it.i've gotta practise more and more i think.
at least, not to disappoint myself.

i'm still having my mid term exam, it's like taking forever to end.
i'm pretty sure that the results will leave much to be desired.=((

anyway...keep it up!
telling myself to buck up!

random pictures....

 the restaurant where i work part-time as a waitress

and...*jumping for joy*
new phone!
White E66.
using two phones now...
*radiation will soon kill me*


Sunday, October 31, 2010

it's Sunday, peeps.
went to the church in the early morning.
i was assigned to take care of kids today.
extremely happy for sure.
i can't stop smiling whenever i see kids.
i love their little actions, their innocence...
harmless... a piece of plain paper.
if only they could stay like this forever...

homed and took a  short nap.
and now, i'm @CoffeeTown.
they provide affordable foods and beverages...
of them all,  FREE WI-FI.
supposed to work the slides  for my next presentation;"Most Inspiring Person in Your  Life"
who inspires you the most?
Inspiration comes  from all the people around me.
no matter how low-down a person is, there'll always a little part of his life worth of my appreciation....

cut the crap...
who's gonna be my source of inspiration this time?
let's just keep it a secret..

i just saw a pair of couple who just got married 2 weeks ago.
i was there in their wedding party...not to attend their party but to WORK.
they seriously freaked me out.
They're more like, eh.. friends?
worst than that...
will every married couples end up like them?
no longer share the intimacy they used to have before the marriage?

that's a wrap.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Jessy is BACK!

How i realise that i'm such a FAILURE when it comes to BLOGGING!
What a big FAILURE!
My EXCUSES would either be B or L. It's Busy or Lazy!
Screw me!

Ok, i've come up with some more ACCEPTABLE EXCUSES:
1. My days revolve around school, workplace and church, which are not even a bit interesting to talk about.
2. I've got no internet connection at home. Blogging using my phone can be quite troublesome.

Have been doing really good recently except for being SO BUSY.

Still doing quite well with my part time job. Am getting hitched to it. Frankly speaking,i prefer working to studying. I wonder why. U.U

Monday, August 30, 2010


ok readers...
Notice something amiss from my blog?


YES! i've removed my Cbox-Chatbox.
so if you guys wanna leave any message, just write it as a comment under my post.

I have no choice but to remove it. i got so furious when one of my friend wrote something unimportant about me under my own name.
well,this is my blog.I'M FREE TO WRITE ANYTHING I WANT.
If you' aren't happy with what i've written, feel free to tell me or maybe just put your complaints on YOUR OWN BLOG. just don't mess up here!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

i'm sorry

i bet some of you are expecting me to update my blog...
busy+lazy= blog screwed!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, i'll update it real soon with a"many-photos" post.

Shrek-Forever After is in town! can't wait to watch it...i've been expecting it for months and now it's finally in town.
gonna dig out my pocket money and spare out a few hours to watch it.

how am i doing recently?
ok, i am good, but sorry, i'm lying.
mood has been really lousy lately, for some reasons of course.
Friendship, family, school...things got messed up!

a lot of things happened.
but well, hopefully things get better.
pray for me.

stay tune, readers!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i love seventeen part 1

ok, my bad.
haven't been updating this blog like so damn long.

had my seventeenth birthday celebrated in advance last 14th Aug(my birthday's supposed to be in 16th Aug).
after a long consideration, i chose to have it celebrated at Thrive.
a few days before 14th, i'd booked a room for everyone but the manager called me that Saturday and told me:"WE CAN'T LET YOU HAVE THE ROOM SINCE IT'S THE FASTING MONTH SO ALL KTV ROOM CAN ONLY BE OPENED FOR BUSINESS AFTER 9PM!"oh GODDDD!
that's like a bad news out of the blue.
since i'd told my friends to come at 5 so it's impossible for me to change the time or place in a sudden.
couldn't help it.
that Manager sent me such A BIG GIFT for my birthday.
but still, the party went on.
we couldn't use the room so we'd to share the place with strangers in the 1st floor--"
actually i was fine with that, except for those smell of cigarettes!

told everyone to come at 5 but 85% of them were LATE!
that's not surprising, everyone gets used to Indonesian's rubber-time culture.

just enjoy the pictures!
didn't i look just too young to be 71?
Hanung,Sheila and Nanda
Sweetest couple of the party!
Rizki and Shirley
guess who won the match?
ugly faces in action!
he finished all the foods!
3 sweet pies in ACTION
Adrian and I
Sheila, Kevin and Nanda
Stacy and I

Yasni and I
(i've known her for more than a decade)
Elvina,I and Yasni
Jolly,I and Santo

Budi and I
BTC and I
Wirren and I
(she was the one who helped me with the cake cutting since i sucked at things like this)
First cut by ME
17 wishes
yey! i'm officially seventeen!
another ugly faces pose
My birthday cake

Joen and Jane

Justi and I
(his face looked just STUPID)

our camera-man,Dwiki
"Kiss My Muscle" pose
oops...pne-hand bodyguard?