Monday, April 26, 2010

3 days and 2 nights MEDAN TRIP!

1st day
rushed to the school the moment we arrived in Medan
at around 8, we checked into the hotel
we stayed @ Grand Swiss-Bell Hotel

our room

2nd day
we went to visit Maimoon Palace and Tjong A Fie's mansion

@Tjong A Fie's Mansion

Becak Motor ala MEDAN@Istana Maimun

@Tip Top Restaurant

@Merdeka Walk
My nasi uduk
Medan's nightlife

my Gado-gado for breakfast

3rd day

@SUN Plaza

taking pic while waiting for Ms. Asidah

Medan's most well-known cakeshop

it was such a crowd
LOOP yogurt with kiwi and blackberry

chocolate ice cream
it tasted heavenly GOOD
@Polonia Airport