Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vina,BTC,Budi,Ali and i went to Mata Kucing last Saturday*sorry for the late posting*
it's sorta like zoo of Batam,located in Batu Aji.
Zoo??? you'll call it zoo if you've never been to the Singapore Zoo before,for me it's more like a forest with mosquitoes.

Let's go!

Let's see what animals that they've got there...

Say Hello to Mr.Monkey
Take pics with the eagle, pay Rp.5000/person**not worth it

i was thinking of taking pictures with the eagle too, but guess what, i almost got pecked by it. it kept moving the moment it got to my hand and i screamed then ran away.
seriously, I HATE ANIMALS!

Vina feeding the monkey...

Pregnant monkey

3 monkeys from nowhere

ugly ducks


don't know what's the name of this kind of fish
it's more than one metre long

then we went to Top 100 tembesi for lunch.

had this Ayam Penyet from Ayam Penyet Ria
Nice foods but poor service.
One of the waiters there got mad at my friend.*i was like wth*

BTC's birthday
location: Monic BCS Vip Room

we gave him a surprise and moved him to tears...

My fav

The room was totally IN A BIG MESS!


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