Friday, July 9, 2010

Batam's well known Ayam Sambel Ijo!

Vina called me at around 12 and asked me out for lunch...
FYI, i was still in bed when she called me.
woke up and bathed. she picked me up then we went to Centre Point to wait for Budi and BTC.

we agreed to try one of the most well-known food stalls in Batam.
i bet that 7 out of 10 people in Batam have heard about the invincible Ayam Sambel Ijo.

and here we go.......

see the green thingy all over the chicken?
it's not veg but it's GREEN CHILLIES (read: cabe rawit)
Holy Moly! it's hot! damn hot!
hot level: 9.5! 5 thumbs up /m/
My friends and I bursted into tears after eating it.
it's really hot.

it's located at a 5-legged stall(read kaki lima) in front of Van Hollano,Nagoya!
it comes with a really reasonable price.
it only costs Rp 10.000,-
drooling? go and try it!
FYI, that stall is always full of customers so you've gotta be patient and wait for a few mins(if you're lucky) or even up to hours just to have a small bite on it!
but it's worth waiting!

after the lunch, went to Mayflower(my fav cake shop) to order a cake for BTC's birthday.
i picked a chocolate cake for him. it's exactly the same like the one i bought last time...
but it's damn expensive man. Rp 376.000,-!!!WOWWWWW!!!!

then we went to MM for movie.
we catched PREDATOR. quite a great movie! i'll rate it 7/10

then went to..... for dinner..
don't know what's the name of the restaurant, but i love theambience there.
it's located beside the futsal centre,Batam Centre

kinda Balinese design
we chose this small cottage

My soya milk
Our Beef Hotplate

Tom Yam soup

then homed.


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