Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Report Card

proudly tell you guys that i get ALL-NINESandTENs for my 2nd term exams.

9.9 for Kimia (That's shocking! i got 6.9 for the previous one..but this time...yihaa!)
9.4 for Matematika(no much improvements...i still can't break through 9.5)
9.2 for Biologi (hm...good!)
9.1 for Fisika(quite satisfying...)
9.0 for Bahasa Indonesia*which is my mother tongue*(i'm glad!FYI, i suck at this subject, you won't believe how happy i am to get just a 9 for this!)
9.15 for Pkn
9.3 for History
10 for Literature
10 for English
10 for Statistics
10 for Mandarin
9.03 for Grammar(a bit disappointed)
9.9 for Vocabulary (ouch! 0.1 more point to 10)
9.2 for Physics

and here are my overall results.....

my english report

My Indonesian report

Total score: 1066 *THANKS GOD*


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