Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stacy's 16th Birthday Bash!

the birthday cake.from TAKADELI...capuccino flavour!yummy...

the Birthday princess and I

she even composed her own song and sang it at the party!her sound is AWESOME!!!

to be continued,,,,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I don't want to be sick!

It's my 2nd post for today.the 1st one was done at school.

I'm super duper tired today.i guess i've overworked myself,huh?
I was feeling weak all over my body when i got home.oh please.can't afford to get sick,no matter what!
A lot of assigments and tests await me!
Next week,am going to face many daily tests.*sick!
Also,birthday parties that i hv to attend!and...a list of church activities which is not to be missed!
Joen and Adeline will be coming back to btam at the same happy but on the other hand,i've to manage times well,to accompany them.
Oh God...
When can i have a break?

Enough of that..
Well.tell you what,
Alex finally replied my message.i was thrilled,really!i will keep praying for him,hoping than he can turn over a new leaf and be a good man.everyone will forgive his mistakes,im sure.:)

I think it's enough for today.night-night peeps.hugs!

flashback#2-New Year's Eve

location:Nongsa Point Marina and Turi Beach Resorts

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

playback-#Chemistry class and Fabulous weekend!

Here are pics taken during our last Chemistry experiment.
location:sekolah Djuwita
running away from school???
please don't try this at home...

my class...

what's she laughing at?

our Chemistry teacher:Bu Ana
another "what's he looking at"-man!
was he scratching his butt?
i reckon that the big hand is Dwiki's!

you see?he's so "Faithful" to God!to think of him to pray at this kind of situation!

these are the pics taken last Saturday....
please enjoy...

Do they look sorta compatible?
in the pic: Rubby and Tandrian.
an introvert guy vs a boyish-girl

sorta blur. taken by: me!

to be continued....

Friday, January 22, 2010

A lot of things happened today.
We finally had a talk with Ms.Revi regarding Ley and Ling.
All this time,be it deliberately or not,we did make them feel uncomfortable with our actions.but anyway,let's patch up!a class for one.
It's a brand new start!trust us.we aren't like what you thought about us.we do care about you two,sweethearts.

Seriously,i can't be more than happier to see others are happy with their life.thanks GOD.
Another friend of mine,alun,seemed to be facing some probs too.
Hopefully,i can help him,too.

Gonna be busy going to MM to catch Spy Next Door with the other 9 scientists.the twins can't join us as they have a lesson to attend.nvm.
And,we're going to watch the students' talents show.

I know that people do change,for better or even worst.
But,no matter how your attitudes change,remember that i'm always there to support and trust you.
I nver leave,not even once.
I've crossed my heart.i mean it,i do.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A tiring Wednesday!

07:37 am-listening to #Tattoo-Jordin Sparks on my way to school.

07.41 am-i saw a guy wearing a helmet with blood (or maybe red paint) on his helmet..
07:55-omw to class.


10:13pm-just gave Indi my last message,as i was too tired today.

We,2science class,went to the science lab this morning.few students brought some water sample from their house.we also brought toiletries like shower gel,shampoo,etc,to test the Ph.

We also carried out an experiment in the field.we persuaded Ms.Ana to react sodium with water.
And guess what happened?a small fire followed with a big explosion.bruamm!Awesome!that's what we had wanted
I love science.we are free to do kinds of experiment,it beats than having to stay in the class all the time.

I brought a small box of dried orange peel to keep me awake during classes,but everyone seemed to love it and finished it.
Gotta bring more tomorrow.

I wonder why am i so tired today.

I kept yawning..huam..

I have to arrange my weekend many things to do...
Endless project,birthday party,hangouts..
Sometime i wish that i could just turn down all those whatsoever activities.
Damn beat.

That's all.hoping to meet them soon!i miss them!

10:43pm-just texted Shirling.


Monday, January 18, 2010

A ridiculous Monday!

'Dia pk kcmta..
Cntk ah !''
Haha.a friend of mine sent me this message.he was implying to my ex-senior,Shiervie.
This guy has been admiring Shiervie,or maybe can i say that it's love at first sight?
Anw,no matter how tough a guy is,he's like a kid who can never get enough of candies when he's in will see how he smiles whole-heartedly,he'll do many silly stuffs..

Let's talk about school.
Ceremony in the sunny Monday*hate it!
The students in charge totally messed it up.
They flipped over our red-white flag into the white-red one which is supposed to be Polandians'.

Then,Ms.Magda also reminded us of those terrifying school rules.*gross.
And when we were singing the song,Justi kept on making funny sounds.*darn.

Again and again,our class duo-Justi and Dwiki,annoyed me with their awful sounds!

I've just downloaded a lot of love songs.i'm so addicted to it.haha.
And i heard a song just now,the title was still unknown,hoping that i can get it soon.well,if that song is fated to be mine,i believe that i will hear it again!

Well,am in a small dilemma right now.God,there must be a way...

Now listening to one of the BBF's OST.

That's all for today.
Sweet night,loves.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday-morning post!

Finally,new phone.
A brand new Nokia 5530 expressmusic is right here on my hand.
Yes,i love it MUCH!
I had planned to buy the white with pink accent one,but it's not in store yet so i ended up buying the white-blue one.
It's a touch-screen phone,even my mum wanted to have the same one like mine...

It's Sunday.
Still remember that i mentioned about my haunted-school on my previous blog?
That spooky sound came from primary 3's class..
The sound was not only heard by the students,but also the teacher.
Nobody did really see the 'ghost',but from the sound heard,the ghost is a little girl.she cried,laughed and sang.she followed wherever the 3b's students went.
A lot of people claimed that they also heard the sound.but for doesnt make sense.i won't believe it unless i hear it with my own ears!
It's spooky,but NOT SCIENTIFIC!

That's all.i'm going back to my sleep now...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Colourful Thursday!

What a colourful Thursday!

This morning,I got punished for breaking the school rules.Well,i got caught up for not putting on belt again.It's not the first time,anyway.I've got used to it.
Luckily,i only had to run one round.
But,it's so embarassing!*fiuh*
but i promise myself that IT'S GOING TO BE THE LAST TIME
today's quite ok,i only got sleepy in some monotonous subjects.oops
i've found a good way to fight against my weakness.Eating sour plums may be effective to wake me up from my half-opened eyes.Anyway,am going to try it.
I've to change!It's 2010,i should have been more sensible than to sleep during classes.

Well,Dwiki and friends are going to perform on this upcoming Djuwita Fair.I heard that it's going to be on next Saturday and Sunday,in Megamall.The first thing that came into my mind when i heard that:JCO,I'M COMING!hahaha

homed.I accidentally broke my mum's blender when i was trying to blend ices.deadmeat
i managed to fix it,eventhough it's not as perfect as it was.Anyway,it still works!

I'm in the middle of copying 461 contacts from my phone,since i'll be getting a new phoneyeyy!

I forgot that i had to go to the church today.i'm sorry

to-do list:
too much to be mentioned here!lame

Will tell you more 'bout this tomorrow!Stay tune!

That's all,peeps.Goodnight.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Puppy-Love Story vs First Love! <3 <3 <3

It was so damn hard for me to wake up this morning.I sat on the bed for around 5 mins with my eyes closed.
I couldn't get to sleep last night.I was rolling here and there for a few hours on bed and i finally fell aslept at around 3am.*hell*

and you know what,i dreamt of my ex-boyfie,Fendi,last night.*to be exact,it's this morning*
It was quite surprising.It was such a weird dream.
He came to me and gave me a lot of letters,inside were his words of love that he still liked me.*wuakaka...*
but i only read one of the letters,and when i was about to read the others...Suddenly...Bah...I woke up and realised that it's only a dream.*what a relief*
i wonder why i dreamt of him,since we didn't meet for quite a time as he's studying in SG.

So,let's talk about him then.
I knew him since we were in kindergarten.He was a little bit plump and cute.We were in the same class.
We both moved to Djuwita when primary 1.Then,we met again in primary 3.
We got closer since we were in primary 5.Our days were full of police and thief actions,chasing here and there,hitting each other.Well,the reason was that we wanted to attract each other's attentions.*lol!*very childish,right?
i remembered the time when he threw something to me and dirtied my clothes,then i told the teacher,in the end,he was given a lecture for bullying me.But,i did throw him back again.Haha!
Splashing waters,knocking each other's head,whatsoever.
Love-thingy happened when we were in sec 1.
He texted me that night and told me that he liked me and wanted me to be his gf.*washe!Unbelievable*
i thought that he was joking and i didn't really give him any response.*though i did like him,too.*
the next day,he came to me in person.I was practising for the flag ceremony at that time.So,we went to the field and we talked.*blush*
everyone was looking at us.
So,he really confessed to me.He liked me since we were in primary 5.
*unbelievable* i called him that night and gave him my answer.It was a "YES"*LOL*
we were in a relationship for about 6 months.Our was sorta puppy-love(cinta monyet).
We didn't go out together or hold hands like the other couples do.
Not even a decent date.But i admitted that days with him were full of laughters.We never quarrelled,not even once.
At that time,he even helped me once.
My friend snatched away my book and he gave his very best to run after her and managed to get me back my book.*hero saving beauty?(very dramatic,is it?)*lol
But,we still broke up in the end.I was the one who initiated it,due to some religious reason:D
we broke up on 14th Feb,exactly on Valentine's Day.
Till now,i still wonder whether he was badly attacked by that cruel action of mine.
He had even bought me a box of chocolate,(since he knew that i love chocolate much)but i didn't accept it.I was so sorry.
Anyway,until now,we remain as friends,though we don't really keep in touch,only a short Hi when we met.
It was a funny puppy-love story.He was my ex and my 1st boyfie,but not my 1st love.

My 1st Love was a little boy in my class when i was in kindergarten.His name's Yudha.We parted when i moved to Djuwita and he remained in Ananda.The shocking part is,he happens to be my church-mate now!We are in the same church.I was really shocked when i met him again.Haha.
But,i think that he has already forgotten me.*or maybe he still remembers me?*

well,that's a long part of my 1st Love and puppy-love story!
That's a wrap for today.School again tomorrow*gross*

Friday, January 8, 2010


Thanks God it's Friday...
didn't really concentrate well at school.
stupid bad cold has attacked me.
all i did was making out sound like:"hush,hush,hush,,,"

something happened just now.
it pinched my heart to see that.
i'd neglected them,i'm not a good friend..or maybe i'm not even good enough to be your friend?
i was too selfish to neglect your feelings...
i'm so sorry.
thanks for the letter.
thanks for still treating me as your friend...
i do care,i do...
i won't give you any promise but i'll try my best to help you~
believe me~
buck up...
i know that you can do it!!!
impossible is nothing for God...
buck up,girls!

song of the day:"Pandangan Pertama"
loving this song doesn't mean that i'm falling in love.
but the tune has enlighted my heart...
i believe that you guys will like it!lalalala~
i've put this song in my blog,just hit the play button and enjoy it!

Lama ku memendam rasa di dada
Mengagumi indahmu, wahai jelita
Tak dapat lagi kuucap kata
Bisuku diam terpesona

Dan andai suatu hari kau jadi milikku
Tak akan kulepas dirimu, oh kasih
Dan bila waktu mengizinkanku untuk menunggu

Kurasa ku tlah jatuh cinta
Pada pandangan yang pertama
Sulit bagiku untuk bisa
Berhenti mengagumi dirinya

Seiring dengan berjalannya waktu
Akhirnya kita berdua bertemu
Oh diriku tersipu malu
Melihat sikapmu yang lucu

Dan andai suatu hari kau jadi milikku
Tak akan kulepas dirimu, oh kasih
Dan bila waktu mengizinkanku untuk menunggu

Kurasa ku tlah jatuh cinta
Pada pandangan yang pertama
Sulit bagiku untuk bisa
Berhenti mengagumi dirinya

Oh Tuhan tolonglah diriku
Tuk membuat dia menjadi milikku
Sayangku Kasihku Oh cintaku
She's all that I need

Dan bila kita bersama
Kan kujaga dirimu untuk selamanya
Tolong terima cintaku
Yeah yeah yeah

Summertime, ain't a summertime
If I don't have you as mine, but u're always on my mind
In the magazine u showed up, baby girl your beauty makes my mind blow up
Your personality it's calm and friendly
The kinda girl that I would love to be with me
Once I start, no I won't fall back
Here's my cellphone number, so please call back

Kurasa ku tlah jatuh cinta
Pada pandangan yang pertama
Sulit bagiku untuk bisa
Berhenti mengagumi dirinya

Oh Tuhan tolonglah diriku
Tuk membuat dia menjadi milikku
Sayangku Kasihku Oh cintaku
She's all that I need

one thing that i did,,,
i texted you asking whether you're fine.
cos things are really different now.
it has changed from many messages everyday to none.
having much things to say,but...
i'm glad to know that you're fine,mate!=)

that's a wrap for today...

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Moshi-moshi...(i heard this in my class this afternoon)

how's my school?Well...So far so good.School's pretty great without those tests,revisions,homeworks thingy.
All i have to do : pack my bag,off to school,sit down and have a fun talk with friends!

I love to lay on my table and take a short nap while hearing Dwiki and Justi playing any love songs.

i've been missing lotsa people recently.
@Joen: can't wait to see you soon!Come back faster,sweetie!
@Lina:haha.I miss that hug in BCS.Gosh~will you come back on this CNY?
@Adeline:how have you been?We didn't meet for quite a few months,huh.

" 'Cos tonight gonna be a good,good night!"

i was reading Girlfriend when Justi suddenly approached me and asked:are you that sort of girl who gets jealous easily?
I answered:"yes,i do get jealous pretty easily."
i asked him back:"how bout you?"
he answered:"i'm not."
then i asked Dwiki the same question and he answered:"neither am i."
after hearing their answer,i was like thinking that boys heart are made of stone,huh?
But then,i remembered my friend's boyfie,then i totally changed my mind.
*aiyoi.Boys eat more vinegar that girls do.*(Mandarin translation is recommended for this sentence.)
*actually they answered in Indonesian,the conversation above has undergone English translation*haha!

then this silly question somehow brought up another question:"Is it good if you've a partner who gets jealous pretty easily?"
#1.Yes,as it shows that he/she loves you much.
#2.No.Getting jealous over a small matter can be quite irritating.

What's your view,peeps?
My answer:
No,it's not good.'cos even God says NO to jealousy.
I guess,if you love someone,you'll trust him/her totally.What's the point of getting jealous then?It's sorta stupid.

disease of the day: SORE THROAT
it's awful!


Monday, January 4, 2010

It's the first day of school for this term.
There was a blackout at school in the early morning,and..Yippie!The flag ceremony was cancelled.
We didn't study at all today,
every teacher came to the class and we chatted.
*some of 'em even forgot that it's their time to teach us*

it feels great to get back to school,mainly bcos of i'm meeting my scientist-friends again!
Lotsa things to catch up.
Teachers seem to trust us very much that they even told us their personal life's story.
And we just sat patiently there and be a good listener.

And i'm still not into myself today.
I'm not happy and feeling uneasy.
I'm going to tell lil' teddy about everything,he's the only one who hears and keeps his mouth shut.;D

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What an awful Sunday!

I'm so damn pissed off.

A friend of mine told me that there's a rumour about robin and i which stated that we're an item,we're officially a couple.Some even said that only the both of us went to SG,some even said that i should keep my distance with guys,since i'm a girl.
ok.You guys win!
Those rumours are enough to hurt me deeply!
I'm angry,disappointed,hurt!
Don't question my words!I mean it when i say:'I won't have a boyfriend before it's the time!'
what seems to be the problem for friends to be close to each other,nevertheless,we are buddy!

You don't have to tell me that i'm a girl,I KNOW THAT!
You don't have the right to judge me,i hate being maligned for whatever the reason is!
You have no right to meddle with whom i'm with!

You guys started the rumour that we're an item,yet now it's you guys who state the fact that we're officially an item.
Hey,jerks!Hear me.Who are you to decide who's going to be my officially partner?
Gossip?Ok.You guys win!A nice victory on my wound,indeed.

For God's sake,give me the heart to forgive them.
I didn't trust them,i never do and...i won't trust them.
I'm sorry God.
I'm sorry...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

some pics taken in Singapore...
more to be uploaded..
stay tune=)