Monday, March 29, 2010

Let's first talk about yesterday.
Went to church at around 1pm and homed at 3.

Spent the whole afternoon at home.
Luckily, I agreed with Robin to dine out then.
As always, both of us take turns to pay for the dinner and lead the prayer.
At around 7, he came to pick me up then shoo.
Planned to go to Obonk but it was fully booked so we decided to go to Peak Pujasera instead.

Lol. Had a lot of things to talk about.
I was really dumbfounded after hearing his part of school life.
It was amazing. I realised that i have been living in a world full of good guys when it is really 'dark' outside.
Managed to learn a lot of new things.
He's like so truthful and told me what do guys really think of. Guys are quite despicable sometimes or maybe all the times. Oops... No offense!:x
But, girls aren't any better too, i must say.
Spent more than 2 hours there and homed.

Today was quite good.
If only every Monday is the same as today, i can really call out for a champagne.
We were like having nothing to do for around 45 mins. No teacher supervised us. Left independently at class.
Didn't have much studying today.
Yeah. 6 more days to go and here comes the mid term test.
Terribly hate it. Oh God..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a Suckturday!

Went to MM at around 2:45pm and got ready to get on stage. I was late and Dwiki was even worst. But who cares, the show wouldn't start without us anyway.*evil's laugh.
For God's sake:) that was such a tough 2 hours.
I'd rather be at school for 9 hours than to be a MC for merely 2 hours.
There were even some technical problems during the performances. I was dumbfounded and had to spout out a lot of lies to entertain the audience.
Oh my! Please.
A little girl even cried on the stage when i tried to hold her. Am I so scary? T.T
Well. Anyway, i feel a great sense of relief now!
But, kinda sick because of these pains. Body aches all over. Headache. Cold. Sore throat. Wow.. They are such a *great* companion. I love you guys. *darn!

Well. After the show, Jolly,Robin and I went to Solaria and at 6.30, we went to catch 'How to train your dragon?'.
It's a must-watch movie!
I'll rate it 8/10.
I love Hiccup.
And guess what, Jolly and I kept making fun of Robin and Tety during the
We kept pairing them.. And.. Ya,quite fun.
I had to play along with Jolly to avoid any unwanted misunderstanding.

Ok. Homed..

I realised something a couple mins ago:"to be loved by the one you love is a bliss, to be loved by the one that you don't might somehow be a burden!"
Then those words remind me of Justi, who's so in love with 'that person'.
Anyway, good luck for you, mate! Perhaps you should learn to let go.
Letting go might be good for both parties.

And I am still being showered by loves that i can never repay.
Sigh. Please stop making me feeling indebt to you.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Im back, hearties!

William and his friend came last Tuesday, so Jane and I had been accompanying them to tour around this small city. Quite fun.
Managed to mix up well with two more new friends named Johan and Ayong.
Well, but they had gone back this afternoon.

So,what's next???
Oh man. I have been appointed to be the MC for the school promotion show. I was like -,-
She really had us forced to be the MC!
It will be on this Saturday at Megamall. I have to be there at 2 since the show will start at 3.
Guess who's my partner this time?
Unbelievable.amazing. How could it be?
A kiddo like him would agree to be on stage for two hours. Moreover, he has to promote our school like it's the top choice in town, yet it's the other way round inside.

Wish me luck, guys!
Hopefully, i won't get too nervous and don't know what to say.

Ok. Back here.
Robin and Jolly came to my house for a long chat just now. We talked about love thingy a lot.
This all time teen's favourite topic had me freaked out. I learnt about some dark secrets.

Goodnight. Lovers.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I sent this msg to the person that i trust.
Seriously, this is what i feel...

It takes two hands to clap.
I let you be the right one and im the left. I hold onto the faith that you're on the right side whereas im left behing waiting for you to give me a better guidance.
I try my best to move and work together with you so that we can make a good clap, eventhough sometimes you just keep still, i would still move to you so that we can make a clap.

Try this.
Raise up your right hand and dont move it. Let your left hand clap onto your right one.remember, don't let your right hand move.
Repeat that for 1 min and what do you feel? What's the result?

To be continued.,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Midnight post.

I will be having my one week holiday starting from tomorrow:-)
Congrats me:)
Ok. The best of lucks for my eccentric seniors.
Seriously, you guys must pass that useless exam, no matter what:)

Had a boring hangout today.
What a colourless Sunday!

Let's just give it a skip.

Recently, i was surrounded by a bunch of out-of-love fellas.
Some of them even confide in me.
Well. I'm a good listener for them. An excellent love advicer. But one thing that they never know is, i'm worst when it comes to action.
How should i put it?
I lack of experience when it comes to love thingy.
I'm one who daydreams all day long.
Why is everybody asking me if i've got a crush? They should have known that my answer is definitely no.
So please just stop asking!
One of my friends even described me as a girl who loves foods more than a guy:-)
Yes. I don't deny that.

Ok. Goodnight bloggies:-)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am a big liar. Getting myself self-fooled.

Hey peeps. Im back!

Sorry for not updating recently. One reason: i'm busy!

Im now in Rizki's house.
Well, it was his 17th birthday last Wednesday and today he invited us to his house for the belated celebration.

My favourite part is here, i will be having my one week holiday starting from this Monday!

Heyheyhey. Im tired of this. I hv been fooling myself all this time round.
7 days in a week and you are always there. 24 hours are about you.
Then tell me what should i do?

Friday, March 12, 2010

do you realize that you have changed a bit?are you actually choosy about having friends?

not really. i'm sure that i'm not a choosy person when it comes to friends. i befriend with anyone even those with anonymous backgrounds.

Let you be the Question and im the Answer.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Perhaps praying is the least thing that i can do for you. Im sure that your dad will be fine. Dont let your emotions get hold of you.

It has been almost 3 years since we first met.
We became friends and i was really shocked when you told me that you liked me.
Things weren't good at that time.
Not untill you met my friend and became her bf.
Honestly, i was happy for you.
You were a good guy for her.
Things got more awkward when you guys broke up and you told me that you still liked me.
Seriously, i appreciated it. But..
It's too late.
That kind of feelings has never existed between us.

But, im so thankful that you still regard me as your friend till this very moment, for treating me like a princess though i never dream to be one.

Back here.
Today's quite good.
I love Tuesday.
Back home and rushed for my art project.
Oh no. I will be having my Computer test tomorrow.
I dont even have the materials. Sigh.

Recently, i am getting bored with my school life.
Im looking forward to get into college soon!

Will be having my one-week holiday on this 22nd.
Simply love it much!

Goodbye bloggies!

Monday, March 8, 2010

#nowplaying:Afgan-terimakasih Cinta.

I love this kind of ambience where im alone in my sweet room, listening to my fav love songs while typing my post.
It's great to have times on my own.

Well, yesterday, 07March 2010, i broke the rules for the 2nd time.
So, my friend and I went to MM last night.
We went to Monic and sang for 2 hours. It was almost 10 at that time. I was supposed to rush back home. But my friends wanted to play the arcade games. Of course, i would have to accompany them.
Sigh. Tik tok tik tok.
We ended up going home at around 10:20.
And i was exactly homed at 10:36pm.
Ok. Another punishment to go.( don't you think that i remind you guys of Cinderella, who has to go home before the clock strikes 12? And I hv to go hom before 10. Ok, i am JESSYRELLA.)
But, 2 birthday parties coming up on this Sat and next. So... I will hv to sacrifice Sunday then.
Wish me luck. Boredom kills terribly.
I was at home last Sat and it was like living in a cave. No movie, no hangouts, no birthday party.
Only bed and that 21-inch tv. Oh... It was such an agony.

And i had a dream last night.
It was weird and terrifying. The same person appeared again.
That person has come into my dream for umpteen times. But this time... It was...

Tell you what, recently i found guys who play guitar are impressive and attractive.
A big scream for them.(Y)
They are somehow romantic and faithful to love.
They are natural and pure with true expressions reflected on their face.
They are lovely.
Moreover, dress them up with a shirt and a black tuxedo. Wow. Thumbs up.
(oops. I watch too much romance. Lol)

Ok. Thats all.
Gotta get my Math HW done.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Went out with Joen and friends last night.
First we went to NH.
The guys went to play billiard so i just sat there and waited.
Then went to pempek citra for supper.
After that, we went to Happy Puppy.
There were Yongjie,Jason, Jimmy, Jeff,Ayong, Joen and I.
We booked the GRAND SUITE with the Las Vegas theme.
Only booked for an hour,it costed 180k!

Next, we planned to go to Pizza Hut, but as it was closed so we went to the 24/7 Mcdonald.
I miss Mcd.
I ate a burger and french fries.*uwww...

And...i broke the rule. I went home at 11:36 pm.
I had to make an exception as Joen is going back to China tomorrow. But...
As what i have promised myself, i have to stay at home for the whole Saturday as a punishment for not going home at 10.

Guess what, i have rejected 3 movie offers for tomorrow. I wanna watch Alice in the Wonderland. I've been waiting for this movie. Well, i guess it's gonna be movie-alone this time as Jane and friends are going to watch it tomorrow. SO SAD BUT TRUE, I CANT JOIN THEM. TT

Forget it.sigh!

Went to Ricky's birthday at Pizza Hut.
There were about 20 people there.
But still, i ate a lot. 3 slices of pizzas, a chicken wing, a bowl of chicken cream soup, garlic bread, cake and a glass of coke.
After the party, i went to BCS.
I met Santo, Limin and Hilton there.
Then i went to meet my cousins and friends.
What a tiring day! Finally homed...

God, thanks for sending guardians to protect me. I feel so blessed with them around. They make me like a princess:)
But i know that's not my life. I cant do much to their kindness.
My heart has not been opened yet. The key is there with You.
I know that You will give this key to my one and only.
God, please just bless them.
Thousands of prayers to repay their kindness.

Good night,loves.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Many things to post today:

#1. That anti-social problem remains half-solved. Let nature takes its course.

#2. Joen's going back to China this Friday. Seriously, cant bear to let her go. I hardly have any girl-friends, she's like one in a million. Im gonna miss her when she's back in China. Anyway, we are gonna chill out bfore she goes back.

Now i know what it feels like to miss certain persons. You wanna meet them right away but you cant.

#3. EMERGENCY. i have a drama to play. I play as a teen who accidentally gets pregnant and have to put my baby in an orphanage as im too young to have a child with me.
The prob is, i have to say freaking mushy words like: i love you too, to my husband. I was like, What The HELL!
Please, it's really hard. I hv to imagine that i do love my husband, im willing to give him my everything,im pregnant,i hv to leave my baby. What?what?what?
Sigh. I even have to stare at his eyes during the dialogue. But how? I get nervous whenever i do that. The play will be on next Friday.>,>
SMS! Save My Soul!

#4. GoodNight.