Saturday, May 29, 2010

make-ups vs no make-ups!

Ok, this was how i looked before i had my fringe cut.

and this is after i cut my fringe
(sullen expression!(o_0))??
this stupid fringe keeps me home, since i feel so malu to go out like this!

here i got some artist pictures with and without their make-ups on!

don't they just look a world apart?
make-up is sure a great weapon!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Some pictures yet to be uploaded!

And here are the contents of our handmade scrapbook!
It contains the profile of the 12 of us.

*i grab all these pictures from Justi's blog*

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New fringe+ guys+ new background!

Finally, had my fringe cut.
The result was like... I look like a nerd!
A mushroom head! Sigh...
Mum said that it suits my face, but i still feel so uneasy.
I'm not going out tomorrow. Really feel so malu!

I just knew that they've broken up.
I was shocked. Thought that their relationship was going to last for years, yet...
My friend really loves him so much.
I thought that he was a good guy. But, why did he initiate a break up? His reason was: the girl's was too demanding and didn't care about his feelings.
Holy moly, wasn't that just another excuse of yours?
3 weeks have passed, my friend couldn't just get him off her mind.
Sigh. Everytime i always end up having to hear their sad stories and try my best to console them. I share your happiness, so do your sadness. Well, God bless

Relationships are so fragile nowadays.
Guys try to hold your hands, lay in your hugs, ask for a passionate kiss with you, some beast even demand a night in the bed, then.. Bye bye?
I'm sorry. I sound as if guys are really so despicable, not all guys, but most of it!
Am i just too lucky to escape
from all those things?
For my girl: be strong girl! It's not that you can't live without him in your life, learn to let go and forget!
I've been praying to God that He will eventually send me a good guy.

Ok. I've changed my background. Is it nice? I love it so effin' much.:-)

It's Vesak tomorrow. Holiday!

Goodnight! Cheers!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it's Saturday!

Here are the pictures taken last Saturday~!


We saw this cute banana and decided to take some pictures with it after much thoughts.

Then we went to Coffeetown for a so-called high tea!

i got so annoyed with a voice coming from downstair.

we decided to go to the car park and took some crazy shots