Sunday, December 27, 2009

in the middle of the night

i'm typing now...
in the middle of the night...
or should i say it's in the early morning...
still awake.
chatting with my cousin,chandra.
he's such an attentive guy.
80 points for him.
his girlfriend's sick and he's a like a doctor himself,asking her gf to drink medicine and drink plenty of water.
really envy them for being so lovey-dovey...
they'll celebrate their 100days anniversary on this Monday...
and this is their pic:

yey yey yey..
and now..
i'm stil in Singapore.
i've been spending good times here.
we went to Clarke Quay,Spore River,Orchard...
there're many more.
i'll upload the pics ASAP!
stay tune,peepos!

i wish that you'd read this.
just stop mentioning that 2am.

gonna turn in now.
good night-morning,loves!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lame Tuesday!

What a lame Tuesday!

I was slacking all day long.
Planned to go to Spore tomorrow.But it's postponed again.*sigh*
my friend can't make it tomorrow,so,i guess we'll be going there on 24th.
I really can't imagine how crowded is it in Spore.
The whole plan's ruined.
I've got the money and the tickets,but...

Hopefully,will have times for shopping.I need to buy clothes for CNY.
And..Food-hunting.That's for sure:D
well.Nmw,am still looking forward to it.:D

and,you know what,i've turned down 2 BBQ offers.Both are on this 24th.
The 1st one is Jacky's and the 2nd one is Lina's.
no more foods!

I'm working on my ultimate mission*wow*

if i manage to lose 5KGs,then i'll treat myself to a sumptuous meal in Seoul Garden.\m/
but,it seems like i'm gaining more rather than losing.
After loosing weights,am going to be a foodie again.Eating w/o having to worry about getting fat!
Ha ha ha....
I'm smart,am i not?

well.Nothing to talk about today,since i'm staying at home for the whole day.

Tomorrow,am going to shop for some toiletries.:D

goodnight,sweet pals.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

He's a buddy from God!

It's 02:00am in the morning.I wonder why i can't get to sleep.

I told him that i would get to sleep after i had done with those blog-readings!But oops...I'm still awake.He's my Mr.Alarm,who always tells me to sleep earlier,yet he always sleeps later than me!*huff!
Talking of him,who's he?



I bet you guys will think that he's my boyfriend!But you're wrong!
He's my best buddy ever!Ok.My bestie as well!
Beside God,i can say that he's the one who knows me better than any other.

Amazing,huh?Mostly,when a boy meets a girl,they'll end up being a couple.But,the two of us has shown the world that a boy and a girl can also become each other's buddy!
It's been such a long,long time that i didn't have a real friend to share everything about life!*or perhaps,i never had?*
but,things are different now!

Let's start our friendship journey!

Sept 4th,08.
That was the very first time when we knew each other on Friendster.He added me,and we went on contacting each other.Mostly,we shared about each other's daily life,church thingy,etc.He's the same church like me,only different area.He's from Tanjung Pinang.

Make it snap.
He came to Batam,to continue his study in UIB.
We met for the very first time in TOP 100.We agreed to meet up and went to the church!*i still remember how i disgraced myself!Very malu!*!!!Haha.He was waiting for me in front of Bank Niaga,yet i just couldn't see him.He kept waving,and i kept blurring out there!

Ok.Then then.The story goes on.

We get closer to each other,cos we've many things to share.Mostly,it's about love-thingy.
He told me many things about his ex-es.While i told him all my past experiences with different suitors,as i only have 1 ex,so,what to share?XD
There're many hilarious stories.
I even ended up becoming his tuition teacher!*i'm very hebat,right?:pp*
he always said that i'm ES,which stands for English Second!Gosh.I taught you for free,what more could you ask?Haha!
Truthfully speaking,there're too much stories shared between us.
One thing that i know is,God has sent him in the right time.Finally,i have a great friend who's there to hear my complaints,joys,sadness,etc!

We made a pact to keep on supporting each other,build a friendship like no one does!

Eventhough,8 out 10 people will say these words when they meet the both of us:'Jes,dia cowok kmu ya?'or'Bin,dia pcar kmu ya?'or'Kalian pacaran ya?'
we will ask why did they think so and they'll answer:'hbisnya kalian cocok.'
what a lame answer is that!
Sick of answering:'No'
sick of being paired up.Haha.But anyway,we've get used to it.We've learnt how to take things in stride,how to turn deaf ears,how to ignore what other people say!
We're buddy,that's all!
We have made an agreement.
"whoever ends up falling in love with the other one,is the loser.And the loser has to treat the winner to a big feast!!!"so,if one of us really has 'tink tink' with the other,all he/she has to do is to treat the other a big feast!Seafood!Then the other will know what that means!
No one wants to pocket out a large sum of money,so, 0% of love between us.
You can say that it's ridiculous,but it's our way of building a friendship.

A friend of mine ever asked:'how could it be,no love-thingy between you two?It's impossible.You both are so close.'

????Why not?
Man proposes,God disposes.Only God knows what to do with our life!

Of course,we did encounter bad events before.But,God has taught us how to be better on every probs that we faced.

He's a fun guy.He jokes a lot.But he can be very fierce with words.
His words are somehow hurting,but it's 100% useful.
Without his words,i will probably remain unchanged with those bad habits!
Lotsa Thanks!

Haha...Good luck buddy!I'll keep on praying for you.Play hard!Grab your dream!
still,hold onto your commitments to God!
Pray for me too!:D

to be continued.....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A start of something new!

It's Saturday,rascals!
Everyone loves Saturday!

Went to Bcs.Planned to watch Avatar,but the tickets were sold out already.*sigh.Really wanna watch it A.S.A.P!
So,ate quite a lot of sweeties in Bcs.*Fat!Fat!Fat!*
i ate a plate of Nasi Padang in Sawaty,a glass of bubble tea,a cold yogen crepes with chocolate and banana inside.*it's not too much anyway!

Then,at around 6.45pm,we went to G-Spot for a christmas party.
So,i was hanging out all day long with friends from UIB!
I was the only uniform tadpole there!*sigh*
but that means I'M THE YOUNGEST!*yey...
Well,hanging out with those guys were such a thrill.I just couldn't stop laughing!
I'd use 1 word to describe them:'MAD'!

The party at G-Spot rock-ed out our spirits.
It's Jesus Party time!Praise Hard!Pray Hard!Everyone was simply rocking for Jesus.
But,i didn't really like the sparkling ambience with those colourful lightings.But it's ok,Jesus's there!It's PERFECT!

We had gone out before the party ended,bcos...*peep*...

They planned to watch Avatar,but it's too late,and mum's waiting for me.NO MORE MIDNIGHT MOVIE!So,i didn't join them.*i wanna watch it!*[big scream...]
but in the end,they also cancelled it,as they couldn't get any good seats.They decided to go for a supper.I was thinking of joining them,since a supper wouldn't be that long?*evil heart speaking*
ok.I got a sudden warning.
"It's too late.Are you really going?How about your mum?"*those words changed my mind*.So,i didn't join them.
It was a sudden slip of my mind.
I was really a bad daughter.Mum's waiting,how could i make her wait any longer?
Ok.Thanks for reminding me to prioritize my family.
But please,no more playback about that 'going home at 2am'.
I admit that i shouldn't go home that late.But,stop remembering my mistake,spare me a chance to repent.
I'm imperfect!
Whatever hell is that,i've promised myself something!

NEW rule: Get home before 10pm!
bloggers,be my witness!
If i break it,i'll have to stay at home all day long on Saturday!

I guess i won't have to spell this out.I'm the only one who has to remember it.
Jesus,remind me!:)

a fruitful day.I've learnt a lot of new thingy.
I still can't leave my habit of living in my own world,having my own thoughts of everyone,on every human's behaviour.
I'm not judging.I'm living my own life.
I'm still playing hard to survive in warnings.I'm learning how to be humble.I'm fighting hard to accept lectures.
I've to win this helly-ego,NO MATTER WHAT!

I was thinking of locking myself in my own world,no more words from anyone,including my best buddy,leading my own way of life.*that's my ego.That was the real me,who always thought that i'd made the right decision,unwilling to hear other's opinion.*
throw that away.
I'm in the process of revoluting into a new Jessy.I've promised God and myself!:)

btw,he texted me just now.He asked me whether i'll be free tomorrow.*fret that he'll ask me out for..*peep!*
Well.The point is,he wanted to invite me to a christmas celebration in shangrila.*what a relief!*
Well,Mum did ask me for the same thing too.
Hm,I guess i'll be going.
I couldn't go last year,cos i went to another christmas celebration,but...No more reason of not going this time!

Ok.That's all.Goodnight.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I miss you!

Hey bloggers.
I'm back here again!
I miss this blog so much.i'd always wanted to post,but,life's strangling me.

What to say.
The last few months,endless probs.
Somehow felt like giving up,luckily i didn't.
God's always there to comfort me.HE even sent me a guardian to hear me.,it's sunshine after the storm!haha!*misleading idiom.

Exam's over.
The results are...quite satisfying.
Expect for Kimia and Fisika.i only get 6.8 for Kimia and 8.5 for Fisika.but,it's always ok.since,I'M IN HOLIDAY,BABY!

Today's the last day for this semester,it's also my,i mean our,last meeting with Bu duma,our matematika teacher.
I'd always adore her,but she's leaving this Sat.
Gonna miss you.
Her leaving also means that next semester will simply kill us slowly.who's gonna replace her?i guess no one can teach us the way she did.

Had my lunch and a long deep sleep.i slept for about 3 hours.

Frankly,met a couple online.they are my friends.
I envy them for being so sweet.haha.
They're in a long distance relationship for about 6 months already and they're doing fine!haha.
They're another great couple around me.

This question has been popping out recently:'have you got a bf,jes?'
for goodness sake,how to convince you guys that I'M SINGLE!
Hey.i'm sick of saying :'NO,I'M STILL SINGLE.'...then my friend will say:'cmon,a lot of guys are waiting for you.'..oh my,spare me!
I even promised my friend,RICKY,that he's going to be the first one to know if i've got a bf.haha...happy waiting!
Don't keep wondering why i'm still single.