Sunday, October 31, 2010

it's Sunday, peeps.
went to the church in the early morning.
i was assigned to take care of kids today.
extremely happy for sure.
i can't stop smiling whenever i see kids.
i love their little actions, their innocence...
harmless... a piece of plain paper.
if only they could stay like this forever...

homed and took a  short nap.
and now, i'm @CoffeeTown.
they provide affordable foods and beverages...
of them all,  FREE WI-FI.
supposed to work the slides  for my next presentation;"Most Inspiring Person in Your  Life"
who inspires you the most?
Inspiration comes  from all the people around me.
no matter how low-down a person is, there'll always a little part of his life worth of my appreciation....

cut the crap...
who's gonna be my source of inspiration this time?
let's just keep it a secret..

i just saw a pair of couple who just got married 2 weeks ago.
i was there in their wedding party...not to attend their party but to WORK.
they seriously freaked me out.
They're more like, eh.. friends?
worst than that...
will every married couples end up like them?
no longer share the intimacy they used to have before the marriage?

that's a wrap.


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