Friday, July 23, 2010

again and again, this blog is left alone....

busy busy busy.

just started school for a few days and it was like... DOOMSDAY!
no Fisika and Kimia teacher yet we're going to have that two subjects in our national exam.
We're not genius who can understand the lesson without a teacher's explanantions.
The school keeps giving us empty promises.
simple things are made complicated.
come on, it's my last year in Djuwita, can i just enjoy my last months there comfortably?
This year is the worst year of the decades.
how to survive?
tell me?
going to school is much more like a formality.
no book?no teacher?
is that what a school supposed to be?
hell NO!

being assigned to make a presentation in front of Teacher Djuwita.
free topic.
there are 10 candidates.
the ones who make the best presentation will be chosen to go for a holiday out of town.
if i got that chance last year, i bet i would jump for joy..but now?
i think i'll just do the presentation.
if i win, then i'll just go for a short break...
i'm suffocating there.
My classmates are the reasons which keep me survive.
i don't love my school anymore.

i think i'll just carry on with my part time job.
i want to earn my own money, i wanna be independent, at least financially.

not that happy recently.
i don't feel like replying others' text messages except those from classmates and him,my best pal. embarassing moment to share.
So, Robin and I went to catch "Date Night" at Megamall yesterday,exactly just both of us.
but..oopss..once again,we're not couple.
after the movie, we went to Solaria for lunch.
guess what, we talked about our childhood and ended up in tears there.*oh my goodness*
he started first, then his eyes got watery and when it was my turn, my tears dropped out. *wapiang*
luckily, there ain't many people there and hopefully no one saw us.
kinda surprising. couldn't hold my tears.*aiyoi*
and you guys would love to see his expression...
sorta like those characters in animation movies.

that's all.
wish me lucks.
i need a lucky charm.
i pray more these days....



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