Monday, November 22, 2010


so random.
sitting alone @CoffeeTown after a long day.
done my speech a few hours ago.
it was like, kinda embarassing.
i opened the speech with a...SONG!
just a small part of it...
"save the world,make it a better place, for you and for me to live in...."
i'm never good at this.
i almost wrecked everything.
it must be such a joke for everyone.
but well, i did my best to persuade people to GO GREEN!
eventhough it was kinda unexpected, but still, overall, i'm satisfied and proud of myself.
at least, i didn't show them that i was nervous.

and i'll be debating on Wednesday.
not really confident about it.i've gotta practise more and more i think.
at least, not to disappoint myself.

i'm still having my mid term exam, it's like taking forever to end.
i'm pretty sure that the results will leave much to be desired.=((

anyway...keep it up!
telling myself to buck up!

random pictures....

 the restaurant where i work part-time as a waitress

and...*jumping for joy*
new phone!
White E66.
using two phones now...
*radiation will soon kill me*



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