Friday, June 25, 2010

Farewell Part 2 and Trip to Batam TV

some pictures yet to be uploaded.

Farewell Part 2 and The study trip to Batam TV

Batam TV's editing room

Hanung, Kevin and Hana

The boys

Hanung was asked to be a reporter
he was brilliant. not nervous at all, not even a bit
our rundown

The guy in black was our guide

The view from 9th floor
inside the lift
(Justi, Dwiki and Jane)

Everyone laughed whole-heartedly
we were doing a snap briefing

This's the building that we were going to visit

inside the bus
we were asked to sing(ha?)

kevin,the Indian man
(he actually comes from Solo)
see?Justi and Agung were trying to wreck the bus

Pak Yudha, our Audio-Visual teacher
and Rais

It's me!
i forgot who took this but i think it's Dwiki
he couldn't let his hands off from the camera the moment we got into the tv station

Hana-reporter wanna be

Group Picture

and here are the pictures taken in Hana's.
we held a barbecue party there.

Doll-up games

they were divided into two teams to doll up Hanung and Kevin

Justi was applying blush-on on Hanung's face

Group pictures....
with Mr.Zaki, our Writing and Presentation class teacher

Bu Duma, our Math teacher

Make-up artists with the "victim"

da lang...and here are the outcomes....

Kevin, the 2nd victim
oh man! on fire....
Abeng was trying to spit out fire from her mouth
Abeng, Rizki and Hanung were breaking the charcoal into pieces
(some even suggested to lay the charcoals in the road and let the car crushed it
*what a good idea!*)