Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miss you guys like no words can say.

@,@ im feeling so random now. Bored to death.
It's the cny's eve and i have had my reunion dinner (in chinese,we know it as Tuan Yuan Fan) and i've got 2 angpaos in my pocket. Haha..
Even my single-uncle gave me one just now. ??? I thought that a person who hasnt married yet is not allowed to give out angpaos? Lol. Thanks anyway. I guess he has too much money to spend since he's still single. A 30++ bachelor!

Well.ytday i had a really fun day. My besties came back. Adeline and Joen. They're back. Miss them so much. Had a fun day with them. They've lost much weights.*wondering when it's gonna be my turn.

Adrian and Lina have come back too. Lina called me this noon and i was like so happy to hear her voice. Miss you so,sweetheart. Can't wait to meet ya soon.

Btw,i met a long time friend ytday. Guess who? It's Deta. He's with his gf.
It's been so long,but i couldnt go over and say Hi as i was in hurry.

Yesterday was such a day. Met so many old pals.
And,it was also my bday,i mean reborn day in Christ. Time passed . 4 years ago, i was baptised and officially had Him in my life. My love has never lessened,God.'s The LNY tomorrow and Vday,too. Such a coincidental day on this 2010.

#now playing:Leona Lewis-Better in Time.

Thats all for today.
Have a prosperous new year and a memorable valentine with your loved ones.


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