Sunday, February 28, 2010

Give me a break.

07:17 pm, i was supposed to dine together with my family but i decided to give it a miss.
Not feeling good. Not alright.
I find myself having probs. to socialise, esp with my church friends. Well. The prob lies with me. Im just a big prob to crack. I was trying to mix but i really got so sick, sick of being so unnatural. So,i guess i will just quit. I... Will let myself rest.
It has been 5 years, but i just cant blend with my churchmates. Frm the 1st time i got into the church, till this moment. Im just too cold. But why is that? I can get along well with my schoolmates and friends frm the other places,beside church,but..
Gosh... Give me a break.

You see, my churchmates are going to ocarina but.. I decided not to join them. And now, im ktv-ing with my other friends to celebrate Ango's birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY,dude! Stay fab! Seng ni tua thang!
See?I can get along well with them,i feel comfortable with them..
God, i pray that this feeling will rest inside me...
Sorry for being so cold, i get tired of this.

Im not perfect,in fact im really so worst when it comes to socialising.
I keep thinking, what seems to be the prob?
Who can tell me? I'll be really grateful.

My bad.bye.


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