Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tell you this...

Well,i had a tiring yet great day today.
Homed at 9:50pm.

I met a lot of new friends today.
And there's a guy who left a deep impression on my mind. He is such a good joke cracker. Gosh..he kept on bickering with joen and they were such a good entertainment.

Today's activities:
went to My mie for lunch then off to BCS to meet jane,justi and tandrian.
This was what happened.
We met Robin at the studio,he gave out his hand to shake mine but..i ruthlessly rejected him and acted like i didnt know him. *my bad. But..
It's your fault this time for recalling that stupid 2.30.
It really pissed me off. Can't you just forgive and forget that once-in-a-life mistake of mine?
Then i met him again in the billiard centre,of course,we didnt bother to say Hi to each other. around 7pm,joen and i with the other 3 guys went to Harbour bay for a feast to clebrate Joen's belated birthday.
Wow. Her bf gave her a surprise and brought her a cake. *envy.
Hihi..nice one,dudey. You've made her so happy.

Then..homed. starts tomorrow but im gonna skip it.
Gotta have my project done bfore friday.

That's a wrap. Sweetnight,pals.

Oops.. I've got a big secret to keep. Gonna zip up my mouth for quite a time:)


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