Thursday, February 25, 2010

I wonder how im gonna sleep tonight with these sniffing and pains.

It's holiday tomorrow,i plan to have a girls' hangouts with them,but..this cold simply puts me off. Going around and keep on sniffing? That's gonna be so disturbing. But..?
Let's see then.

I miss eating es gunung from the stall that i used to frequent. It's been so long.

Simply love this month with a list of holidays.
What to say?
Hm.well. Im doing quite great recently.but, i had a big fight with my brotha a couple days ago. I got into a rage and scolded him for not going back home right after school.and... Sigh.
End this soon...

In the process of turning over a new leaf..i mean.. Changing myself into a better me.
Gonna live without ego and accept a person the way he/she is. And...

Haha... Not gonna let it out here. Just wait and see!
Thats all.


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