Saturday, November 21, 2009

Freaking Saturday!

Peepos.I'm back!Miss me?Haha.I miss you a lot.

Back here,dear blog.
I had a great day today!
Went to NH to catch 2012 with jane,tandrian,dwiki,justi,hanung and rizki.
The movie's fantastic.
I'll rate it 8.8/10.
We took the F row.
That sickening Justi deliberately sat beside me and annoyed me with his caramel popcorns!
Lost weights!How?
Adrian,fendi and agung were there too.
Anw,didn't have much chance to talk to Adrian.*hey lad,it's been a long time that we didn't mock each other.Haha.

Went to suti's birthday to greet her and then dined at Solaria.

We had a crazy time in the mall today.We were posing and taking pics with the mannequins.Everyone was staring at the seven of us.You can't never imagine how stupid we were!Haha.
Justi was even being pushed away on a trolley.
Anyway,it's just too awesome.

Met Vero and her bf,Robin and Ser,budi and meliana,my bestie's ex bf,widi and along...Haha.Anyway,
i was spending times sitting and staring at passers-by,yet i didn't even manage to catch a handsome guy.How horrible it is!

Back home.9:20.
Bathed and rest.
Adrian called me.Haha.He's my sole enemy,but a nice friend indeed.
Talked on the phone for around 20mins,many things to say.

Laying on my sweet bed,hugging my dear teddy.

What should i say?
Something's on my mind.Can i just get it out?
Next week gonna be a busy one.Tests and homeworks are waiting for me!:((

i need a break.
Close my eyes,hear the sea breeze,feel the blowing wind...

End here.Loves,jcy.


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