Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back here,fellas!

Hey yo peepos!
It's been such a long time that i didn't blog.

Yeah.I miss my blog so much!
Well,kinda busy recently.I just finished my mid-term tests.What a relief!It's killing me,having to wake up at 5 to study.I hardly had enough sleep.Thanks God,it's over.

So still,a lot of things happen recently.
Where to start?

Have been doing a lot of house chores.
Then then...

Yey.I'm going to have a speech contest tomorrow.I've practised it,but my speech lasts about 10mins,while only 5 mins are given to every contestants.
Pray that i won't get nervous when i'm on stage tomorrow.
No trembling voice.No shaking hands.Be confident!I can!

Something happened.Mum knew that my bro's grades are failing.The teacher even sms-ed my uncle to complain.If my bro's grades don't improve,then he'll fail this year.*sigh.Really worry for him.

Busy?Troubled?Excited?Hope?They're all mixing inside.
Days past.Still hoping,learning,cherishing...

One thing.Let pain heals the pains.You can blame me for being cruel.You texted me asking whether i'd be joining you guys and i said yes.But in the end,i didn't.I'm sorry.Your presence somehow made me felt awkward.
I want to be your friend,no more.
I'll forget that sorry face of yours.Pray that you can find your real happiness.At that time,i will smile and congratulate you!
Let go.Some things aren't just meant to be yours.

My room is in a mess!Sleeping with a bed full of books.Haha.



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